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Event Date: 13th July 2016
Location: Westminster, London

Stop Trident lobby
Want to help influence decision makers on Trident? Get involved in the Stop Trident lobby day, July 13th. Here’s what you can do, for maximum impact:
Make a donation.
Help build a large and effective lobby, by funding all the work and materials needed to persuade our MPs to Stop Trident.
£15 could fund leaflets to publicise the lobby
£25 could pay for a briefing for 50 MPs
£50 could fund workshops to share information on Trident and lobbying tips
If you can chip in today, whatever you can afford, you’ll be helping to build on the incredible momentum created by the Stop Trident demo in February. Every pound you donate helps increase the amount of work we can do to win over MPs, so the more we raise, the closer we’ll get to stopping Trident. You can donate at www.cnduk.org/masslobby.
 If you’ve already donated, thank you so much. Do two more things right now to help influence decision makers on Britain’s nuclear weapons:
Book a meeting with your MP – pop by for 5 minutes or come down for the day
Share the event on Facebook – let your friends know they can lobby their MP on Trident

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