No Need for Nuclear: The Renewables are Here

Event Date: 17th June 2017
Location: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square London WC1R 4RL

General Election 2017 is an important opportunity for nuclear issues to be brought up the political agenda. As our #VoteOutNukes campaign has gathered pace, thousands of candidates have been contacted to establish their positions on Trident, the global nuclear ban, and nuclear power.

After polling day, how do we set the agenda on nuclear power?

It’s vital that we set the agenda at the beginning of the new government’s term in office. That’s why we have called a major conference to focus on the crucial question of nuclear power on 17th June.

Government research has consistently shown that renewables are now the most popular form of energy amongst the general public, yet the present government wrongly claims that renewables fail to win public support and remains committed to building a new generation of  nuclear power plants.

No need for nuclear: the renewables are here will challenge this narrative, exploring topics including what’s wrong with nuclear powerthe politics of nuclear powerenergy demandenergy efficiency; and the scope of renewables in the UK.

Topics will be explored by a range of experts from industry, academia & the world of politics. For full speakers list and further information, visit the conference web site.

Trident and Windows XP – what you need to know

You will have seen in the news how the NHS was brought to its knees at the end of last week because of a cyber-attack that infected Windows XP computers with malware.

Trident submarines use a modified version of Windows XP called Windows for Submarines. Read our latest news article to find out what we know so far and the questions the government needs to answer.Copyright © 2017 Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, All rights reserved.
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