News Items

Title Posted
MI5 involvement in drone project revealed in paperwork slip-up 6th March 2021
Opinion Poll results on nuclear weapons 6th March 2021
Disinvestment in nuclear weapons 6th March 2021
Radioactive Saharan Dust 5th March 2021
CND Press Round-Up - 5th March 2021 5th March 2021
NEA assesses the cause and impact of Fukushima accident 5th March 2021
BBC Newsnight piece on UK urging US to get on with Trident replacement 5th March 2021
Launch of Green New Deal Rising 4th March 2021
Jeremy Corbyn has a message he'd like you to share. 4th March 2021
French report grapples with nuclear fallout from Algerian War 4th March 2021
Nukewatch report 4.3.21 4th March 2021
CND Press Round-Up - 4th March 2021 4th March 2021
Catch up with Make Love, Not War: Exploring the Human Impacts of Our Nuclear System! webinar 4th March 2021
The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has been attacked for planning to increase discharges of radioactive waste into the Firth of Clyde by up to 50 times. 4th March 2021
Campaign Magazine March Edition 3rd March 2021
CND Press roundup 3.3.21 3rd March 2021
Catch up on the Abingdon Peace Group webinar "So the Nuclear Ban Treaty is in Force: What Next?" 2nd March 2021
CND Press Round-Up - 16th October 2019 2nd March 2021
Q&A: 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster and current status 2nd March 2021
Making Waves -The rebirth of the Golden Rule 1st March 2021
“Non-violent creative tumult” - Film documents long campaign to get Vermont Yankee shut down 1st March 2021
Putin, Biden should aim for more arms curbs: Gorbachev 1st March 2021
Oxford CND Newsletter March /April 2021 1st March 2021
Labour's Nuclear Weapons Stance Needs a Rethink 1st March 2021
ICAN Annual Report 2020 1st March 2021
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