News Items

Title Posted
Iran, geared towards nuclear bomb 30th November 2021
Serious fuel defects on new reactors 30th November 2021
NATO parliamentarians send letter to President Biden supporting No-First-Use policies 30th November 2021
UK and Israel join forces to stop Iran gaining nuclear weapons 30th November 2021
Police at Sellafield 30th November 2021
A cascading catastrophe: The drone threat to critical infrastructure 29th November 2021
Will Italy rise again to defeat Nuclear waste dump proposal? 29th November 2021
“Nuclear Weapons are Morally Indefensible.” 29th November 2021
TEPCO begins surveys for treated water discharge 28th November 2021
Faringdon Peace Group Newsletter 28th November 2021
Share in Defence 28th November 2021
Tepco finds melting of ice wall at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi plant 26th November 2021
How about Green Friday, instead? 26th November 2021
Robots to probe Fukushima No 1 26th November 2021
Oxford University’s ties to nuclear weapons industry revealed 26th November 2021
CND launches ‘AUKUS – we say no!’ campaign 26th November 2021
All KBP7 (Kings Bay Plowshares 7) Complete Prison Sentences and Home Confinement 26th November 2021
Listen to a podcast on nuclear energy from Fairewinds 26th November 2021
Slides from COP26 People's Summit from presentation given by Scientists for Global Responsibility 24th November 2021
Fashion Conscious 23rd November 2021
Declassified UK 23rd November 2021
Faringdon Peace Group Newsletter 23rd November 2021
As China threat rises, can Aukus alliance recover from rancorous birth? 23rd November 2021
This government is fast-tracking legislation that’ll make you pay for EDF’s new nuclear reactor in Suffolk 19th November 2021
Bill Gates—Nuclear Shakedown of Taxpayers via SMR Natrium 18th November 2021
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