News Items

Title Posted
ICAN Paris Forum - how to ban bombs and influence people 27th February 2020
US Stages a Limited Nuclear War Game with Russia 26th February 2020
Government Planning to Buy Expensive New Trident Warheads without Parliamentary Debate 25th February 2020
Oxford CND Newsletter 24th February 2020
Sea Level Rise is Speeding Up 24th February 2020
Hysteria Isn't Killing Nuclear Power 18th February 2020
Stirring up Trouble 18th February 2020
Nuclear power and harm to animals 10th February 2020
Uk’s Nuclear Plans Come Unstuck 10th February 2020
Oxford City Council wants the British Government to back a treaty to scrap nuclear weapons 10th February 2020
Check the setting on the Doomsday Clock 23rd January 2020
Non-violent groups on UK counter-terror list threaten legal action 23rd January 2020
If defending life on Earth is to be extremist, then we must own it 22nd January 2020
Kate Hudson and others respond to Prevent strategy briefing in Guardian letters 22nd January 2020
CND listed in a Police counter-terrorism document. 19th January 2020
Campaign Review 2019 17th January 2020
Further major delays in Fukushima decommissioning 15th January 2020
A message from the Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp 15th January 2020
Comment on the current situation in Iran 14th January 2020
Oxford CND Newsletter 11th January 2020
UK nuclear Weapons programme £1.3bn over budget 11th January 2020
Problems at either end of the nuclear cycle 6th January 2020
A reminder of the long lasting damage to people and the environment resulting from war 9th December 2019
Manifesto pledges regarding our nuclear deterrent 25th November 2019
Nicola Sturgen says she would never press the nuclear button 25th November 2019
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