News Items

Title Posted
CND's Press Round-Up - 20th July 2021 20th July 2021
The UK’s new nuclear strategy is illegal and dangerous to the world 20th July 2021
Following the uranium road 19th July 2021
Houston, are we going to have a problem with space nuclear power? 19th July 2021
Campaign to report the UK to the UN for breaking international law 19th July 2021
Pegasus project 19th July 2021
Nukes & Sewer Surcharge 19th July 2021
Macron dithers on nuclear power investment as issue divides France 19th July 2021
Nuclear Colonialism - Censorship of Art in Essex 19th July 2021
Greenland to Ban Uranium Mining 17th July 2021
TABLE-Japan nuclear reactor operations: Kansai Electric restarts Ohi No.3 reactor 17th July 2021
Don't Even THINK about Starting a Nuclear War 17th July 2021
US Plan UK Deep Space Radar 17th July 2021
Ken Livingstone on Weapons 17th July 2021
Sizewell, Local Council By-election 17th July 2021
CND's Press Round-Up - 15th July 2021 16th July 2021
Japan mulls extending maximum nuclear reactor lifespan beyond 60 years 16th July 2021
Iran’s uranium gambit is a dangerous negotiating tactic 15th July 2021
Nukewatch report convoy on A 34 15th July 2021
CND's Press Round-Up - 15th July 2021 15th July 2021
Hiroshima Day Candle Float preparations 15th July 2021
Fairewinds: Nuclear Alert: Japanese Victims of Radioactive Black Rain Finally Vindicated 15th July 2021
CAAT - The UK's Hidden Arms Sales 14th July 2021
Covid outbreak on HMS Queen Elizabeth 14th July 2021
Financial Times on Sizewell C 14th July 2021
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