News Items

Title Posted
Trump’s COVID infection shows why it’s time to retire the nuclear football 8th October 2020
UK remains second biggest arms exporter with £11bn of orders 6th October 2020
National CND Campaign: October edition 6th October 2020
Sleepwalking into a crisis 5th October 2020
Nuclear power is failing. So why does news coverage suggest the opposite? 5th October 2020
Here's why the SNP won't get onboard with calls to 'lease out' Faslane 5th October 2020
U.N. nuclear ban treaty likely to enter into force early next year 4th October 2020
UN High Level Event on the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons 4th October 2020
Offers and information from National CND 4th October 2020
UN chief: World is living in `shadow of nuclear catastrophe' 4th October 2020
Fukushima nuclear disaster preventable, court rules, with more damages claims likely 2nd October 2020
Exposed! 1st October 2020
Malaysia becomes the 47th state party to ratify the UN Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). 30th September 2020
Suggestion that an independent Scotland might lease Trident base to England 30th September 2020
More on funding for Sizewell C 30th September 2020
Senator Markey addresses world's governments: Invest in people not nukes! 30th September 2020
Toward an honest Middle East nonproliferation policy 29th September 2020
Get the Existential Threat Debate Scorecard and ask the questions Fox News likely won’t 29th September 2020
Highlights from the UN Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons 29th September 2020
HELEN CALDICOTT: Small modular reactors — a radioactive idea 28th September 2020
Forthcoming discussions about Sizewell 28th September 2020
A big step backwards: Why Sweden’s decision not to sign TPNW damages its reputation as a leader on disarmament 26th September 2020
A message from Kate Hudson 26th September 2020
Would you or anyone you know like to work for CND? 25th September 2020
Why does missile defense still enjoy bipartisan support in Congress? 25th September 2020
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