News Items

Title Posted
Nukes to be at Heart of Net Zero. Announcement next week 18th October 2021
A. Q. Khan, Proliferator 18th October 2021
Report on Keep Space for Peace Week: Photos & Links 18th October 2021
Climate not Trident: Action needed at COP26 18th October 2021
Woolsey Fire Data—Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 14th October 2021
Homes linked to Liverpool arms fair protests raided 14th October 2021
Catch up - Warton's war on Yemen 14th October 2021
Catch up - ‘Keep Space for Peace’ 2nd October (Oxfordshire Peace Campaign and USAF Croughton) 14th October 2021
Norway will attend the TPNW meeting of states parties 14th October 2021
Fresh call for 'mini nuclear reactor' at Hunterston as site moves towards closure 14th October 2021
US and Israel exploring ‘plan B’ for if Iran does not resume nuclear talks 14th October 2021
CND Cymru Campaign against dumping of Hinkley mud in Severn Estuary 13th October 2021
White poppies - 3 ways you can help this year’s Remembrance campaign 13th October 2021
Macron reveals €30bn plan to ‘reindustrialise’ France in likely re-election bid 13th October 2021
NIS Update October 2021 12th October 2021
France, nuclear waste protest 12th October 2021
Japan Minister vows to promote scrapping of Fukushima nuke plant 12th October 2021
Declassified's roundup of the last two weeks 11th October 2021
B1.B bombers from USAF Fairford - First outing on exercise 11th October 2021
More on Hinkley mud 11th October 2021
Nuclear submarine deal needlessly raises tensions 11th October 2021
Abingdon Peace Group Newsletter October 2021 11th October 2021
US nuke sub plans leaked on SD card hidden in peanut butter sandwich, claims FBI 11th October 2021
Kim Jong-un “will never give up nuclear weapons” says North Korean military defector - BBC News 11th October 2021
‘Galactic Britain’: how Cornwall is winning the European space race 11th October 2021
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