News Items

Title Posted
Book "Other Girls Like Me" by Stephanie Davis 7th September 2020
Video Analysis Prompts New Theory on Fukushima Explosion 6th September 2020
Integrated Review to adjust to the changing nature of threats we face 5th September 2020
**Plutonium** 5th September 2020
B-52 from Fairford Friday 28th August - Denmark summons Russian envoy over airspace violation 3rd September 2020
“If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”—latest strategy of climate activists at Harvard 3rd September 2020
What’s missing from American schools’ curricula? Nuclear weapons. 3rd September 2020
Signatures needed to stop unlawful dump of radioactively-contaminated mud 2nd September 2020
Huge ‘oil platform-like’ vessel visible from Burnham starts Hinkley dredging sampling work 1st September 2020
Comparing nuclear accident responses at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima 1st September 2020
The most useless of arsenals 31st August 2020
Why are we still planning for the ultimate planet-ending act? 31st August 2020
John Gittings: submission to the UK Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy. 31st August 2020
Oxford CND Newsletter 31st August 2020
U.S. Bombers & Allied Aircraft Integrate to Fly Over All 30 NATO Nations in a Day 28th August 2020
Scottish nuclear power station to shut down early after reactor problems 28th August 2020
Lance Corporal Ahmed Ali speaks out 27th August 2020
XR Peace on pause 27th August 2020
US B-52 Bombers back in Britain: escalating nuclear tension 25th August 2020
Global Appeal to Nine Nuclear Governments 25th August 2020
‘RAF’ Croughton: The ‘British’ base for American spies 25th August 2020
Frank Barnaby obituary 25th August 2020
BBC Drama involving the Trident programme 24th August 2020
Obituary – Mykil ‘Michael’ Waugh 24th August 2020
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