News Items

Title Posted
CND Press Digest: Wednesday 31st February 2024 31st January 2024
CND Press Digest: Tuesday 30th January 2024 30th January 2024
3% of U.S. Military Spending Could End Starvation on Earth. 30th January 2024
Declassified UK 30th January 2024
U.S. is Painting Itself Into a Corner in the Red Sea 29th January 2024
Uranium prices and supply 29th January 2024
Beyond Nuclear International Weekly Digest, MONDAY, JANUARY 29, 2024 29th January 2024
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, January 29, 2024 29th January 2024
Japanese lantern project and links to UK Hiroshima Day Candle Floats 29th January 2024
CND Press Digest: Monday 29th January 2024 29th January 2024
Add you Name to CND's Newspaper Ad 29th January 2024
Labour suspends Kate Osamor over Gaza comments in Holocaust message 29th January 2024
Material available from Hiroshima Peace Museum 29th January 2024
Kick Nuclear January 2024 Newsletter 29th January 2024
Peace and Justice project 29th January 2024
Japanese citizens oppose FY2024 nuclear wastewater discharge plan 29th January 2024
Eighth Salisbury Ceasefire Vigil 27.1.24 27th January 2024
Japan to release 54,600 tons of Fukushima nuclear wastewater in fiscal 2024 27th January 2024
11,847 signatures and growing. Petition against anti protest laws 27th January 2024
Minutes from No Trident Replacement core group 23.01.2024 27th January 2024
Stop the War coalition Newsletter 26.1.24: ICJ Defeat for Israel - Let's Keep Campaigning 26th January 2024
The International Court of Justice has ruled that Israel must cease its warmaking in Gaza 26th January 2024
Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant further delays removal of melted fuel debris 26th January 2024
2024 Doomsday Clock Statement: It is still 90 seconds to midnight 25th January 2024
Declassified UK: Who funds Labour Friends of Israel and- why won't it say? 25th January 2024
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