News Items

Title Posted
Protest at Westminster Abbey 3rd May 2019
180 Clerics Slam Westminster Abbey Service of Thanksgiving to mark 50 years of the Continuous at Sea Deterrent (CASD) 27th April 2019
Nuclear fallout embedded in glaciers and they are starting to melt 13th April 2019
TEPCO to start removing fuel from reactor building No 3 13th April 2019
CND Condemns Westminster Abbey Thanksgiving Service 7th April 2019
New insights into the spread of radiation from Chernobyl 4th April 2019
Free Exhibition at National Archive from 4th April - 9th November 3rd April 2019
MoD criticised over massive cost of storing obsolete nuclear submarines 3rd April 2019
"Nukewatch" appeals for "eyes on the ground" 2nd April 2019
TEPCO Loses Damages Suit Filed by Evacuees for 10th time 28th March 2019
Fukushima's accumulating water problem 20th March 2019
ICAN seek to dissuade people from working with nuclear weapons 18th March 2019
Fukushima Grapples with the Soil that No-one Wants 18th March 2019
Cracked graphite core in Hunterston B nuclear reactor 9th March 2019
Salisbury CND Newsletter March 2019 6th March 2019
Green MEPs held after anti-nuclear protest at Belgian military base 21st February 2019
Latest Robot Plans for Fukushima 13th February 2019
Russia plans land-based intermediate range missiles in two years 6th February 2019
Life of older nuclear power stations in doubt 4th February 2019
National CND's campaign about Trump's planned withdrawal from the medium range missile treaty 2nd February 2019
Storage of nuclear waste a "global crisis" as stockpile reaches 250,000 tons, Greenpeace warns 1st February 2019
Concern as US starts to manufacture "low-yield" Trident nuclear warhead 29th January 2019
Nuclear arms threat keeps Doomsday clock close to midnight 25th January 2019
Hitachi's withdrawal from two power plants should prompt a rethink 18th January 2019
CND 2018 Campaign Review 14th January 2019
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