News Items

Title Posted
Surging gas prices and fuel bills focus Tory minds on the nuclear option 4th October 2021
Sellafield and the proposed Whitehaven coal mine - Norwegian television coverage 4th October 2021
Chris Busby and Hiroshima Cancer data 4th October 2021
Small Modular Nuclear Reactors, Rolls Royce and Eastern Europe 4th October 2021
Two more nuclear power stations? 4th October 2021
COP26 - Nuclear Power and Climate Change - INTERNATIONAL STATEMENT 3rd October 2021
Declassified UK September newsletter 3rd October 2021
Plutonium Reactors 3rd October 2021
Yes Prime Minister, Discussing Trident 3rd October 2021
National Cyber Force to be based in Samlesbury 3rd October 2021
London and Liverpool Arms Fairs 3rd October 2021
US Weapons Programme 3rd October 2021
CND is reporting the UK government to the United Nations for breaking international law - join us! 3rd October 2021
‘Weaponising Space Debris’ – Britain, ‘DARC’, and the US military’s control of the ‘space domain’ 2nd October 2021
High Court Holds Govt Liable for Damages over Fukushima Accident for 3rd Time 2nd October 2021
Nuclear Power's long decline in the shadow of wind and solar 30th September 2021
Countering the pro-nuclear hype 29th September 2021
Nuclear power: Downward trend ahead of climate summit 29th September 2021
Kick Nuclear's Newsletter September/October 2021 29th September 2021
Interesting perspective on US Policing 28th September 2021
The Kvanefjeld Mining Project And Other Uranium Projects Should Be Stopped As Quickly As Possible 28th September 2021
Catch up- Stories of State Surveillance and Infiltration of Peace Movements Peace History Conference 2021 28th September 2021
The record breaking Failures of Nuclear Power 27th September 2021
A new and powerful role for Britain in the world” –John Healey’s, shadow defence spokesperson, conference speech 27th September 2021
Nukewatch spots latest convoy 27.9.21 27th September 2021
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