News Items

Title Posted
Visions for peace 24th August 2020
Nuclear power in the Green New Deal? 24th August 2020
America’s Ageing Nuclear Fleet Underprepared For Climate Change 24th August 2020
6 x B52 nuclear-capable bombers arrive USAF Fairford (Oxon/Glos.border) Saturday 22nd August 2020 24th August 2020
Letter from Ms Setsuko Thurlow to Prime Minister Boris Johnson 22nd August 2020
Coup 53: A Must See Film 21st August 2020
Oxford Research Group (ORG) to wind up at the end of 2020 21st August 2020
Mayors for Peace and Nuclear Free Local Authorities Briefing 21st August 2020
Dounreay site available for reuse in the year 2333 21st August 2020
Pompeo pressed on claims China is helping build Saudi uranium facility 20th August 2020
Fiji’s bold step for peace 17th August 2020
A judge again denies Virginia Uranium Inc. 17th August 2020
Coalition Partners, US and UK agree to share technical foundation for space operations 17th August 2020
The Great Energy Debate: Is Nuclear Power the Solution to Climate Change? 16th August 2020
Youth Voices for Peace video released 14th August 2020
Contaminant Mixture in Fukushima Wastewater Highlights the Risks of Ocean Dumping 14th August 2020
Letter explaining why Oldham Peace and Justice are Campaigning against Elbit 14th August 2020
MPs ask No 10 to clarify Dominic Cummings role in defence review 13th August 2020
Nuclear power goes South in South Carolina 10th August 2020
Nuclear blackmail in Illinois 10th August 2020
John Pilger: Another Hiroshima is coming – unless we stop it now 10th August 2020
The myth that it was necessary to drop the bombs on Japan to end the war. 8th August 2020
A heartfelt message from Kazuhiko Kobayashi 7th August 2020
Report warns "Nuclear weapons are incompatible with action on climate change" 7th August 2020
From Manhattan to Hiroshima: the race for the atom bomb 7th August 2020
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