News Items

Title Posted
Catch Up: Campaign Against Arms Trade at 50: Adapting resistance to a changing world. 28th June 2024
UK Defence Journal 'Weekly Brief' 27th June 2024
First Global Week of Action for Peace and Climate Justice 27th June 2024
Report into Whitehaven Mining Pollution Unearths Radioactive Smoking Gun 27th June 2024
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, June 20th 2024 27th June 2024
Declassified UK: Battle-Tested in Gaza, Britain's Next Drones 27th June 2024
Burghfield: AWE says Spencers Wood plans at risk in 'radiation emergency' 26th June 2024
Declassified UK: Israel has paid for at least a dozen UK parliamentary staff to visit the country on special delegations in the last five years. 26th June 2024
NIS update: June 2024 25th June 2024
Catch up: Webinar: Nuclear power: a harmful distraction to climate change? 25th June 2024
World Beyond War 25th June 2024
Catch up: The Military and Academia. Scientist for Global Responsibility Webinar 25th June 2024
Kucinich, 'Draft Notice' from the Shop of Horrors 25th June 2024
Faringdon Peace Group Newsletter 25th June 2024
The NPT: China's no-first-use proposal and the inadmissibility of nuclear threat or use 24th June 2024
New film - The Nordic region from peace zone to war zone 24th June 2024
The ever expanding global spending on militarism 24th June 2024
Oxford CND Newsletter, July-August 2024 24th June 2024
Declassified UK 24th June 2024
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, June 24, 2024 24th June 2024
Beyond Nuclear International Weekly Digest, MONDAY, JUNE 24, 2024 24th June 2024
Why Won't the US Help Negotiate a Peaceful End to the War in Ukraine? 24th June 2024
How Israel Became a Nuclear Power 24th June 2024
DRONES: MALE performance anxiety: Technical problems and SAMs bring large drones down to earth 24th June 2024
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