News Items

Title Posted
Hitachi set to cancel plans for £16bn nuclear power station in Wales 12th January 2019
Don't Bank on the Bomb is winning 28th December 2018
Swiss Parliament requested that the government join the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons 20th December 2018
Wylfa Nuclear Power Station's Future in Doubt 11th December 2018
NIS Update: November/December 2018 1st December 2018
Toshiba Withdraw from Cumbrian Nuclear Power Project 9th November 2018
The Origins of Salisbury CND 6th November 2018
Salisbury CND's Year in Pictures 1st November 2018
UN advises women and children should not return to Fukushima area 1st November 2018
Future Wars : The Impact of New Technologies 31st October 2018
Seven arrests after Trident protest in Berkshire 26th October 2018
President Trump to pull US from Russia missile treaty 21st October 2018
Is Trump leaving the US vulnerable to disaster? 3rd October 2018
US Threatens to "take out" new Russian cruise missile 3rd October 2018
Last Wednesday was incredible 2nd October 2018
International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons 26th September 2018
Funding Gap has left Trident "not fit for purpose", says MPs 21st September 2018
Don't Bank on the Bomb 17th September 2018
Labour CND and the coming Labour Party Conference 14th September 2018
TEPCO decisions regarding Fukushima modifications to resist Tsunami revealed 9th September 2018
Two Minutes to Midnight 7th September 2018
International Day Against Nuclear Tests - A Poem - "Anointed" 29th August 2018
Insider's View of TEPCO and their handling of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant 28th August 2018
Burghfield AWE's safety criticised, yet again 8th August 2018
Hiroshima Candle Float in Salisbury on 6th August 2018 7th August 2018
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