News Items

Title Posted
The history of nuclear power’s imagined future: Plutonium’s journey from asset to waste 27th September 2021
International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons 26th September 2021 Aldermaston and Burghfield AWE 26th September 2021
Boris Johnson ‘backs nuclear reactors by 2050’ after lorry driver shortage sparks fuel panic 26th September 2021
The New Space Age: Beyond Global Order 24th September 2021
Catch up on CND Webinar - AUKUS Why we say NO - Emergency online rally 24th September 2021
UN High Level Event | Call on Governments | Social media action 24th September 2021
Jeremy Corbyn weighs in on Spy Cop enquiry 24th September 2021
The new Woodward and Costa book shows why no president should have “sole authority” to start a nuclear war 24th September 2021
IPPNW statement on AUKUS nuclear submarine plans 23rd September 2021
Nuclear Power and the Military, insights from Sussex University 22nd September 2021
UK Military and Climate Change 22nd September 2021
Sparks walk out at nuclear site over suspected blacklisting and union-busting 22nd September 2021
Secrecy around nuclear power in SA needs to be stopped, says OUTA 22nd September 2021
Catch up on Stop the War's 20 year celebration event 20th September 2021
Japan eyes disposal abroad of radioactive plant equipment 20th September 2021
Declassified launches new website 20th September 2021
Select Committee on Govt Approach to Security 20th September 2021
Bezos & Musk - A Scam, The US Space Force, A Lifetime of Space Activism 20th September 2021
Poland's Nuclear Folly 20th September 2021
The new Australia, UK, and US nuclear submarine announcement: a terrible decision for the nonproliferation regime 20th September 2021
Fukushima Bucket List: 20 Best Things to Do in Fukushima Prefecture For Tourists (Attractions, Local Foods & Activities) 20th September 2021
More comment on the Australian submarine deal 20th September 2021
Vigil, Submarine drama 20th September 2021
Military Nuclear Sites in Scotland and Climate Change 20th September 2021
Unions and Nuclear Power 20th September 2021
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