News Items

Title Posted
Campaign Magazine: July Edition - Sign the petition! 14th July 2021
CND's Press Round-Up - 14th July 2021 14th July 2021
Monuments of recovery from 2011 disaster unveiled 14th July 2021
CND's Press Round-Up - 13th July 2021 13th July 2021
Tree Seeds from Hiroshima 13th July 2021
Ian Fairlie's update on Nuclear Power for CND Council, July 13th July 2021
60 Minutes reporting from Fukushima 12th July 2021
Another great banner made by Artist Rapid Response Team 12th July 2021
A millennial’s view: ICBMs are ridiculous 12th July 2021
Nuclear historian Priscilla Johnson McMillan dies at 92 12th July 2021
U.S. Air Force detonates hypersonic missile warhead in test 12th July 2021
CND's Press Round-Up - 12th July 2021 12th July 2021
Policing Bill 11th July 2021
Royal Navy drops sub-hunting buoys into Mediterranean to find Kremlin craft that tailed UK flagship 11th July 2021
IAEA expected to announce Fukushima monitoring team, including S. Korean expert 10th July 2021
Saudi Arabia and Nuclear Weapons 10th July 2021
NATO sets course for China 10th July 2021
COP26 – Protest at UN climate change conference 10th July 2021
NATO: A Non-Nuclear Alliance - Why NATO members should join the UN Ban on Nuclear Weapons 10th July 2021
Amended Atlantic Charter G7 summit 2021 10th July 2021
Government Money to cover Shutdown and Waste costs 10th July 2021
Green Councillor elected at Sizewell local Council 10th July 2021
World moving closer to nuclear war with Russia and China arming 10th July 2021
Increases in Weapons around the World 10th July 2021
Abingdon Peace Group Newsletter 9th July 2021
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