News Items

Title Posted
TEPCO’s fitness to operate nuke reactors still open to question 25th September 2020
Stop the War Coalition - New Website! 24th September 2020
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists September 23rd 24th September 2020
45th signature on UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons 24th September 2020
Don’t criticize government or TEPCO, guides in Fukushima told 24th September 2020
20th Anniversary - New NIS Website and Webinar 24th September 2020
9 1/2 years after meltdowns, no end in sight for Fukushima nuke plant decommissioning 23rd September 2020
Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign- Success with obtaining grant funding 21st September 2020
Nuclear ban treaty on its way: the countdown is on 21st September 2020
Sizewell C 20th September 2020
Museum on nuclear accident opens in Fukushima 20th September 2020
Heavily-guarded 'nuclear' convoy stops traffic as it sweeps through Coventry and Warwickshire 17th September 2020
Richard Burgon signs the Parliamentary Peace Pledge! 17th September 2020
AWE in court over explosion nearly left contractor injured 16th September 2020
Hitachi to pull plug on north Wales nuclear power station 16th September 2020
Most U.S. nuclear power plants cost more to run than they earn 15th September 2020
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (September) 15th September 2020
Catch up with CND webinars 15th September 2020
From CND to Hollywood: the ruthlessly brilliant designs of Ken Garland 10th September 2020
Menwith Hill: NSA's Largest Overseas Spying Base 9th September 2020
2020 Nuclear Free Future Award recipients 9th September 2020
Campaign: September edition 9th September 2020
Fiasco, failure, and forever The disaster story of nuclear power and its waste legacy 9th September 2020
Hiroshima Fallout: The atomic bombing cover-up and the reporter who revealed it to the world 9th September 2020
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