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Event Title Event Date Location
Salisbury CND Market Stall 31st July 2021 Salisbury Market Square
Afghanistan - A war That should never have happened 4th August 2021 Internet 6:30pm BST
Oxford CND Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombing remembered 9th August 2021 Peace Plaque in Bonn Square, Oxford 2pm BST
Say No to US Military Drone Tests in UK Skies! 14th August 2021 RAF Waddington from Noon to 3pm
To celebrate the legendary Greenham Women 26th August 2021 Cardiff City Hall End
Oxford Classic Jazz Band 11th September 2021 Friends Meeting House, 43, St. Giles, Oxford OX1 3LW 7pm BST
Say No to US Military Drone Tests in UK Skies! 18th September 2021 RAF Lossiemouth from Noon to 3pm
Mark and remember the beginning of the "war on terror" 18th September 2021 Conway Hall
Stories of State Surveillance and Infiltration of Peace Movements 26th September 2021 Internet
International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons 26th September 2021 Aldermaston and Burghfield AWE
CND Annual General Meeting & Policy Conference 2021 16th October 2021 Internet
COP26 – Protest at UN climate change conference 6th November 2021 Glasgow and throughout the UK
International Conference on a Decade of Progress after Fukushima-Daiichi: Building on the Lessons Learned to Further Strengthen Nuclear Safety 8th November 2021 Internet
The Bulletin's unique Annual Dinner virtual experience 9th November 2021 Internet
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