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Event Title Event Date Location
The Nuclear Ban Treaty & UK's warhead increase 22nd April 2021 Internet 7:30pm
[Trident Ploughshares] Join TP & friends for Militarism, Climate Change & Dissent event at From the Ground Up 23rd April 2021 Internet 4:30pm - 6pm
Living with Chernobyl: Personal Stories 25th April 2021 Internet 5-6:15pm BST
The Artificial Intelligence Era: What Will the Future Look Like? 26th April 2021 Internet 22:00 to 23:00 BST
Online Conference - Risks of lifetime extensions of old nuclear power plants 26th April 2021 Internet 9:30am - 4pm BST
Nurses not Nukes online public meeting 28th April 2021 Internet 7pm
Nuclear risk-reduction and disarmament: Is it time for no-first-use policies in the USA and globally? 29th April 2021 Internet Session 1 06:30 Session 2 16:15 BST
The Bay of Fundy: Natural Wonder or Nuclear Industry Test Site? 29th April 2021 Internet 16.15 BST
CND workshop to help groups get press coverage 5th May 2021 Internet 7pm-8:30pm
OxPeace Conference Sat 15 May 2021 'Peace in the Nuclear Era' 15th May 2021 Internet 9am - 1:15pm
CND Online Conference: Working for Peace in the Middle East 22nd May 2021 Internet 1pm
World BEYOND War: June 4-6, 2021 will be our 6th annual global conference 4th June 2021 Internet
Nurses not Nukes 26th June 2021 Assemble 12 noon at Portland Place, London, before marching to Parliament Square
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