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Event Title Event Date Location
Stop the return of US nukes to Britain! 21st May 2022 1pm outside RAF Lakenheath, Brandon Road, Suffolk, IP27 9BU
11th International Uranium Film Festival 19th May 2022 Internet
"What Prevents Nuclear Energy Development in Europe?" 18th May 2022 Internet 10am to 1pm
Abingdon Peace Group host Colin Archer, former secretary-general of the IPB (International Peace Bureau and now active in GCOMS-UK) 17th May 2022 Internet 8pm
Stanford seminar: William J. Perry on how to reduce nuclear danger 17th May 2022 Internet Midnight!
Picnic in the University Parks on World Fair Trade Day 14th May 2022 12.00-2.00pm, University Parks
‘UK Nuclear strategy - the Use of Uranium & Plutonium’ 14th May 2022 Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp 1:30 - 4:00 pm
Women in Black NEXT VIGIL SATURDAY 14th May 14th May 2022 Every Saturday 2-3pm martyrs memorial, St Giles, Oxford.
Peace education and common security: Positive peace from schools to the world. 12th May 2022 Internet 17.15 - 19.00 BST
It’s time to act for true security – the environmental costs of militarization 11th May 2022 Internet 12:00 BST
Events in Oxford 7th May 2022 Oxford, Bonn Square 12pm, 2-3pm Martyr's Memorial, 3:30 - 4:30 pm Broad Street
International Day of Action for Peace in Ukraine 7th May 2022 Southampton, Bargate, High Street 1-2pm
Biological and chemical weapons security and the war in Ukraine 5th May 2022 Internet 22:00 BST
IT WAS NEVER ABOUT THE STATUE... AND STILL ISN’T! 4th May 2022 Internet 7:30 pm BST
Oxford May Day March and Rally Saturday, 30 April 2022 30th April 2022 11:30 New Inn Hall Street, by the Wesley Memorial Chapel,
International & North American Launch of 21st Century Common Security Report 28th April 2022 Internet
Goodbye sole purpose: The Biden administration’s emerging nuclear policy and budget 27th April 2022 Internet 6:00pm BST
Reminder - Women in Black NEXT VIGIL SATURDAY 23rd APRIL 23rd April 2022 Martyrs memorial, St Giles, Oxford
Frameworks for a nuclear-weapon-free world 20th April 2022 Internet
Online Abingdon Peace Group Meeting; Ukraine Crisis 19th April 2022 Internet 8pm
The Vow from Hiroshima: Film, Advocacy, and Nuclear Disarmament 19th April 2022 Internet 9pm - 10pm BST
No to War in Ukraine! 19th April 2022 Oxford Town Hall 7pm - 9 pm
The State of the War in Ukraine 14th April 2022 Internet 21:00 BST
Questions about the nuclear aspects of the war in Ukraine? 11th April 2022 Internet 18:00 BST
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