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Event Title Event Date Location
The Wellbeing of Future Generations 20th April 2021 Internet 8pm
Stop the War: Threats of War Conference 17th April 2021 Internet 2-5 pm
FABIAN HAMILTON - Shadow Minister for Peace and Disarmament . ‘How do we Achieve Nuclear Disarmament?’ 7th April 2021 Internet 7:30 pm
UFPJ webinar: The Enduring Nuclear Threat; A Deeper Look 31st March 2021 Internet 00:00
Two films tell contrasting stories about the struggle against nuclear power 30th March 2021 Internet 17:00 GMT
Online Rally: #YemenCantWait - Stop British Support for the War 26th March 2021 Internet 18:00 GMT
Locked Down: Global Mobility and COVID-19 with UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi 26th March 2021 Internet 16:00 - 17:15 GMT
[ICAN UK] Final and updated flyer for the UK & Ireland Mayors for Peace Chapter 26th March 2021 Internet 1:30pm - 3:30pm
This year we stop more money going to nukes by interrupting the budget process 23rd March 2021 Internet 01:00
Banning the Bomb, Smashing the Patriarchy: An Evening with Ray Acheson 22nd March 2021 Internet 7pm
the Anti-Racism Live Global Digital Experience 21st March 2021 Internet
Real Human Security (CAAT) 20th March 2021 Internet 2:15pm
'Nuclear Weapon Modernisation - Attitudes of Non-nuclear Weapon States' 17th March 2021 Internet 11:00
Under a White Sky: The Nature of the Future 17th March 2021 Internet 18:00 GMT
Emergency online rally "No more nukes: time to Scrap Trident" 17th March 2021 Internet 6-7pm GMT
Join NIS, ICAN and BASIC for an online discussion around our forthcoming briefing on the attitudes and concerns of non-nuclear weapon states to the 'modernisation' of nuclear weapons. 17th March 2021 Internet 11:00 GMT
Abingdon Peace Group "Zero Carbon - Why NOT Nuclear" 16th March 2021 Internet 8pm
Grassroots day of planning to challenge military spending 14th March 2021 Internet 2:30pm
[Free] Online Event Hosted by Mothers For Peace In the Atomic Age, Gender Matters 12th March 2021 Internet 02:00 am
Remembering Fukushima discussion/ FREE screening of 3.11 A SENSE OF HOME 12th March 2021 Internet 5pm
10 years after Fukushima: Lessons for the Here and Now 11th March 2021 Internet 6-7pm GMT
No Return to Blair Wars - online launch 10th March 2021 Internet 7pm
Nuclear Disaster Compensation: A Call for Action 10th March 2021 Internet 7-9am
"Activism for Life" by Angie Zelter - Book Launch 9th March 2021 Internet 6 - 7pm
Intergenerational Dialogue between Women involved in Nuclear Disarmament 8th March 2021 Internet 17:30 GMT
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