Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Event Date: 20th September 2017
Location: UN New York

“If you love this world, you will sign this treaty”

Dear friends,

On 20 September, governments will gather in New York to sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW).
This treaty represents a historic moment for the world. As Setsuko Thurlow, survivor of Hiroshima said, “This is the beginning of the end for nuclear weapons.” Once the Treaty opens for signature, we will need to work hard to get states to sign it and then to ratify it. We need 50 states to ratify this treaty for it to officially become international law.
In order to embark on our campaign to get states to sign and ratify this treaty, we need resources. We need to produce material, hold events, and convince politicians all over the world to join this treaty.

If we can raise 15,000 USD before the Treaty opens for signature at 8am EST on 20 September, we can make a great push on governments all around the world to get on board.

    Setsuko believes in this treaty. She and many other survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki believe it will make a difference. And trust them - they are the real experts on nuclear weapons.

    Earlier this year, Setsuko was awarded the Ahmadiyya Muslim Peace Prize for her work for nuclear disarmament. Setsuko believes in this treaty so much that she has decided to donate half of the prize money, 6,500 USD, to get this campaign started.
    Will you follow her lead and make a donation to help us reach 15,000 USD by 20th September?

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    Next Wednesday will be a day to remember for the future of humanity, so please help us to get states to ratify this treaty!

    Beatrice Finn
    Executive Director
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