CND Conference

Event Date: 10th October 2020
Location: Internet October 10 and 18th

Here are some important dates for CND’s AGM and Policy Conference, which will be taking place this year in London over the weekend of October 10-11.

Given the unprecedented situation, we will keep you updated if there needs to be a change from our usual conference arrangements.

Please note the following important dates:

  • Thursday July 23

Resolutions deadline and nominations deadline for directly elected Council members and officers.

  • Friday September 4

Amendments deadline.

  • Monday September 21

Regional and organisational Council delegates submission deadline. (Note this is only for group reps to council — not directly elected Council members and also not for group delegate registration to attend Conference.)

  • Monday October 5

Emergency resolutions deadline.

  • Saturday-Sunday October 10-11

CND Conference.

If you have any questions please do ask. More information will be provided in the Conference First Mailing in the near future.

In peace,

Rob Wells
CND Office Manager
[email protected]

CND Annual General Meeting & Policy Conference 2020


First Mailing


Dear CND Groups, Areas, Regions, Nations, Specialist Sections and Affiliates,


We look forward to welcoming you to CND’s AGM and annual conference, this year titled “Campaigning in the post-virus world”, which will be held on Saturday 10th October and Sunday 18th October (on separate weekends).


Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we will be holding our conference online this year, so members can take vital decisions and carry out crucial discussions while keeping everyone safe. 


CND’s AGM and policy conference will take place on Saturday 10th October, while on Sunday 18th October London Region CND will host the second day of the conference focusing on the theme of real security after COVID-19. Please join us!


Saturday 10th October – CND AGM & Policy Conference


The AGM will include the announcement of the results of elections for Officers and directly elected Council members. The election will take place online in advance of the AGM, and details about the arrangements for this will be circulated in due course.


The review of campaigning activities and finances will be taken at the AGM.


Following on from the AGM there will be policy and strategy debates centred on motions submitted by groups and members. This is our policy conference that provides members with the important opportunity to decide our overall direction for the coming year so please do encourage as many of your groups or members as possible to join and contribute!


Pre-Conference Timetable




Nominations for Officer and directly elected National Council positions

Thursday 23rd July

Submitting resolutions

Thursday 23rd July

Submitting amendments

Monday 4th September 12 noon

Accepting Nominations for Officer and directly elected National Council positions

Friday 28th August 12 noon

Registering for conference

Monday 28th September 12 noon

Submitting emergency resolutions

Monday 5th October 12 noon


Registration Fees


This year there will be no registration fee for conference delegates.


Information about CND AGM and Policy Conference


Who can participate?


CND Groups, Areas, Regions, Nations, Specialist Sections and Affiliates are all entitled to send delegates to CND conference and AGM. Individual members are also eligible to participate. All those voting at the AGM must be company members of CND (a legal obligation because CND is a company limited by guarantee). Company member forms (where you agree to pay £1 if CND is wound up) for individuals and organisations as well as registration information can be found on the Conference website.


The number of delegates eligible to attend conference and the number of votes to which your group is entitled will be emailed to groups in late September by the Supporter Database Manager. The number of company members in your group determines your voting entitlement at conference. To maximise your votes, make sure as many of your members as possible are company members as well as members of CND by Monday 7 September.




Please send nominations for officers and directly elected Council members to the CND Office Manager [email protected]. Please provide contact details for your nominees (a current email address is enormously helpful) and your own contact details, including email addresses where possible. We will confirm receipt of your nomination by email; if you don’t hear from us within 3 working days, please send it in again.




Please see the online Conference page for information about submitting resolutions to Conference, which can be done through our website. The detailed rules about resolutions are contained in the Conference Standing Orders, which are also available online. Alternatively, you can email resolutions to [email protected]. We will confirm receipt of your resolution by email; if you don’t hear from us within 3 working days, please send it in again.




If you are submitting a resolution please provide contact details for a representative available to agree compositing during the two weeks from July 23, but particularly in the first week of August.


Registration deadline


Please help our team by registering as early as possible for Conference. The final deadline for registration is Monday 28th September.


Further Help


We hope that the information in this mailing will help you play an active role. If these procedures are unclear, please contact us using the details below and we will be happy to clarify them or talk you through any points.  You will receive further information about Conference in the summer membership edition of Campaign and in future Conference mailings. As more information becomes available we will also be updating the website at


Contact details


Please send enquiries by email. Because of the pandemic, the CND office may be closed for much of the period between now and Conference and post may be delayed significantly.


Email: [email protected] with the subject line CND Conference 2020.


Write to: CAWG, Mordechai Vanunu House, 162 Holloway Road, London, N7 8DQ

Yours in peace,

Daniel Blaney, Katy West & Adam Beese
CAWG (Conference Arrangements Working Group)

Find out more – call Caroline on 01722 321865 or email us.