Keep Space for Peace week. CND Webinar

Event Date: 3rd October 2020
Location: Internet

U.S.A.F. Croughton

(US communication base)

Keep Space for Peace week.

CND Webinar

‘Global war-fighting starts here’

Saturday 3rd October

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Video introduction USAF Croughton – Paul Mobbs (Croughtonwatch)

Kate Hudson – General Secretary CND

Dave Webb – Chair CND

Lindis Percy – Co-founder Campaign for Accountability of American Bases


Seagreen Singers end with Peace Songs.

This major U.S. communication and intelligence base supports space communications, data links, military drone information, bomber guidance, missile defence, diplomatic communications, and command and control war fighting functions. It is a key link in the ‘chain’ controlling US surveillance, armed drone and special forces operations across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. 

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