CND Online Conference: Working for Peace in the Middle East

Event Date: 22nd May 2021
Location: Internet 1pm

Join CND’s Conference on the Middle East

 As diplomats meet in Vienna to discuss reviving the crucial Iran nuclear deal, the weekend’s Israeli cyber-attack against an Iranian nuclear facility is an extremely concerning development.

A weapons of mass destruction-free zone in the Middle East is an idea whose time has come and would be a huge step towards a just, peaceful and stable future for the region.

And yet with the continued Israeli possession of a nuclear arsenal, the U.S. withdrawal under Donald Trump from the Iran nuclear deal and even the declaration of Mohammed bin Salman that Saudi Arabia could look to gain nuclear weapons under some future circumstances, it seems further away than ever.


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This is why CND will be holding its ‘Working for Peace in the Middle East’ conference via Zoom on the afternoon of Saturday May 22nd.  

We are especially delighted to be joined by Israeli and Iranian colleagues from the peace movement, as well as Andrew Feinstein, an expert on the global arms trade, Jill Evans, a former MEP and an expert on Palestine, Stop the War Coalition’s Lindsey German, and CND’s Kate Hudson and Sara Medi-Jones.

We look forward to seeing you then

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