Protest at the G7: No to war / Justice for Palestine, 12th of June

Event Date: 12th June 2021
Location: South Quay in Hayle at 12:30pm on Saturday


Protest at the G7: No to war / Justice for Palestine, 12th of June

As you will probably know, the G7 summit starts next Friday 11 June in Carbys Bay in Cornwall.

Stop the War is backing all the protests organised at the G7 but we are particularly encouraging our supporters in the South West and beyond to join the protests on the day of international action on Saturday, June 12th.

Saturday’s protest will be demanding an end to the G7’s war policies and in particular their support for Israel as it attempts to crush the Palestinians.  

The protest will be assembling at South Quay in Hayle at 12:30pm on Saturday. Please do your best to be there and to spread the word! Bring Palestinian flags, banners and placards.


Let us know if you will be coming to the protest – Register below to keep up to date with any changes in time or place!

Resist G7

If you would like to go down to the protests for an overnight stay, a camping site is being organised for people to stay from Wednesday the 9th of June. Mini-buses are available to collect people from Redruth Station (near the campsite) on Wednesday and Thursday.


If you are thinking about camping, please email us directly for more details, or fill in the form belowm, as there are currently limited spaces.

Camping Form

If you would like to find out more on the Resist G7 website, please follow this link. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or the Resist G7 team


If you will be coming on the train to Hayle on Saturday June 12th, please note the below train times:


Trains from Penzance:
11:50am – arrival at 12.01pm
12:50am – arrival at 13.01
Trains from Plymouth:
09:15 – arrival at 11:03am
10:17 – arrival at 12.03am
Trains from Exeter St David’s:
09.19 – arrival at 12.03
09.27 – arrival at12.20 pm
Bristol Temple Meades:
08.10 – arrival at 12.03

Stop the War Coalition

Newsletter – 04/06/21


Joe Biden is visiting Britain next weekend as part of the G7 Summit, a conference led by many of world’s most militaristic countries, taking place in Cornwall. There he will be meeting with G7 leaders including Boris Johnson, all of whom are complicit in Israel’s apartheid regime and supported its recent massacre in Gaza.

Following the recent uprising of protest for Palestine it’s vital we continue to take to the streets to solidify this generation’s anti-apartheid movement. 

Find out more – call Caroline on 01722 321865 or email us.