Stop NATO 2021

Event Date: 13th June 2021
Location: Internet 13:00 -16:30 BST

Stop the War Coalition

Event Bulletin – 07/06/21


NATO leaders are coming together in Brussels from Sunday 13 June to discuss the plans for the Western military alliance.

The meeting comes at a time of growing instability and tension around the world and with a new and more interventionist US administration which is ramping up pressure against Russia and China as well as backing Israel to the hilt in its war against the Palestinians.

We are urging all our supporters to join the online events on Sunday 13 and Monday 14 June. 

On Sunday, there will be a Zoom rally from 1pm-4.30pm discussing ‘Global Nato and the threat of war’ with a range of international speakers including Ann Wright (Veterans for Peace) from the US, Reiner Braun (IPB) from Germany and Lindsey German (StWC) and Kate Hudson (CND) from the UK. 

On Monday, there are two events, a rally discussing resistance and alternatives to NATO at midday and a protest event ‘Voices For Peace’ at 5-7pm featuring messages from activists, writers and political figures from around the world, including Malalai Joya, Vijay Prashad, Jeremy Corbyn and many more.

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