CND Conference 2022 AGM and policy conference

Event Date: 16th October 2022
Location: Online

Nuclear Disarmament not Nuclear War! Join us online for CND’s annual conference, which will be held remotely on Saturday 8th October and Sunday 16th October (separate weekends). CND’s AGM and policy conference will take place on Saturday 8th October. Members can take vital decisions and carry out crucial discussions while staying safe, due to ongoing caution required around the pandemic. Our public conference for discussion and debate will take place on Sunday October 16th. Please join us!

1st August: Deadline for nominations for directly elected members of national council and national officers. 1st August: Deadline for ordinary resolutions.

9th September: Deadline for amendments and special (constitutional) resolutions.


The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the ongoing war has had devastating international repercussions, with our own government’s response also contributing to the world becoming a more dangerous place. The decision to host US nuclear weapons on UK soil for the first time since 2008 makes us a target and the campaign to stop this will be a main priority for CND in the coming weeks and months.

As well as showing solidarity with those protesting the war in both Ukraine and Russia, CND will continue to highlight the danger of the conflict turning nuclear. NATO and

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