War and the Environment Online Course Starts March 4:

Event Date: 4th March 2024
Location: Internet

War and the Environment Online Course Starts March 4: Register today!

Hope for life on Earth depends on ending war making and moving our energy and resources into preserving a livable environment. If current trends don’t change, by 2070, 19% of our planet’s land area - home to billions of people - will be uninhabitably hot. The delusional idea that militarism is a helpful tool to address that problem threatens a vicious cycle that ends in catastrophe.

Learning how war and militarism drive environmental destruction, and how shifts toward peace and sustainable practices can reinforce each other, offers a way out of the worst case scenario.

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This 6-week course is on your own schedule, anytime, day or night.

War and the Environment is designed to provide an in-depth introduction to the various ways in which war destroys the environment – and what can be done about them. The course comprises six modules and three live sessions, covering a wide range of topics, from understanding the impacts of war on the environment to exploring strategies for environmental peacebuilding.

Previous versions of this course have already helped hundreds of others just like you to:

  • Discover how ending war and militarism can improve our chances of achieving environmental sustainability.
  • Learn how to incorporate environmental peacebuilding strategies into climate change efforts.
  • Access cutting-edge research and real-life stories on the topic.
  • Network with like-minded others who share your passion for protecting the planet. 
  • Generate new ideas and actions for war abolition and climate change work.

Here is what some past participants have to say now:

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Hope to see you on the course.

Phill Gittins, PhD
Education Director
World BEYOND War
[email protected]

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