UKRAINE: How to Stop this War

Event Date: 24th February 2024
Location: Internet 2pm GMT

International online rally: how can we help end the war in Ukraine?


Last month, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists cited the war in Ukraine among its reasons for keeping the Doomsday Clock at 90 seconds to midnight. As the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion approaches, hundreds of thousands have been killed, many more injured, and the destruction caused by the conflict has left an environmental and humanitarian disaster in its wake.


Instead of promoting peaceful solutions to the conflict, the British government has advocated escalation – including the head of Britain’s armed forces warning the public to prepare for a future war with Russia.


At a time of growing international conflict and instability, CND and the Stop the War Coalition invite you to join us for an international online rally to mark the second anniversary of the war in Ukraine and discuss how this terrible conflict can be brought to a peaceful conclusion.

  • Saturday, 24 February, 2pm
  • Online, register here


With guest speakers: Jeremy Corbyn MP, CND Vice-President; Yurii Sheliazhenko, Ukrainian Pacifist Movement; Boris Kagarlitsky, Russian peace activist; Medea Benjamin, Code Pink; Vijay Prashad, author and historian; Lindsey German, Stop the War Coalition Convenor; and Tom Unterrainer, CND Chair. Chaired by Kate Hudson and Alex Kenny.


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