Lakenheath: its role in the US war machine - CND webinar

Event Date: 26th February 2024
Location: Internet 6:30pm GMT


Since April 2022, CND has strongly suspected that US nuclear bombs will be returning to RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk. Now as evidence of the deployment starts to stack up, the national media is starting to take notice and public protest is on the increase.
With the threat of nuclear war at its highest in decades, the return marks a dangerous escalation at a time of growing global conflicts. But what is going on at Lakenheath? How does the base fit into the US war machine? And what can we do to oppose it?


CND invites you to join our upcoming webinar exploring these topics, with speakers including the scientist who first uncovered Washington’s intention to station nuclear weapons in Britain for the first time in 16 years.  

  • Monday, 26 February 2024, 6:30pm
  • Online, register here 

With guest speakers: Hans Kristensen (Federation of American Scientists), Roger McKenzie (CND Vice-President); Tom Unterrainer (CND Chair); and Kate Hudson (CND General Secretary).


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