Join the global day of action for Gaza, 17 February

Event Date: 17th February 2024
Location: National and Salisbury (5:15pm GMT in Salisbury and Assemble 12 noon, Marble Arch (Speakers' Corner), London)

Global day of action Saturday 17 February Ceasefire now Stop the genocide in Gaza Assemble 12 noon Marble Arch Speakers Corner London

Gaza global day of action: assembly point and time announced
On Monday, thousands of people turned up outside Downing Street at just a few hours’ notice to oppose Israel’s latest bombardment of Rafah. The Gaza Strip’s southernmost city, Rafah is host to over 1 million refugees who have fled other parts of the territory in search of safety. Now, Israel is preparing plans for a ground assault on Rafah. With nowhere else to go, civilian casualties are going to be enormous.
As western governments continue to refuse to take action, pressure is growing. A Dutch court recently ordered that the export of F-35 parts destined for Israel be blocked – and gave the government one week to comply with the order. Meanwhile, the EU’s foreign policy chief has suggested that Israel’s allies stop sending arms if they are concerned about civilian casualties.  



For more actions you can take for Palestine, see our dedicated page here.


Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza continues to impose daily horrors on Palestinians. According to Philippe Lazzarini, the head of the UN agency for Palestine refugees, UNRWA, over 100,000 people have now been killed, injured or missing after four months of war, amounting to 5 percent of Gaza’s population.


Israel’s mass destruction has left 80 percent of the Strip’s population displaced and Benjamin Netanyahu has shown no interest in ending Israel’s military campaign. As Israeli protesters block vital aid from entering Gaza, the risk of famine looms.


While the British government’s response to this crisis has been nothing short of shameful, people across the world are building a movement that transcends borders to call for a ceasefire, justice and express our solidarity with Palestine.

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Local actions in support of a ceasefire are taking place across Britain this weekend. CND groups getting involved include Bromley Borough CND and Salisbury CND. Find an event taking place near you here.

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