Eleventh Salisbury Candle Light Ceasefire Vigil

Event Date: 17th February 2024
Location: Outside Salisbury Library 5:15 - 5:45

Do come to join this gathering of people who demand a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, Israel and the West Bank Palestinian Territories.  We also call on the UK and US Governments to stop their complicity in the genocide.

You can watch last week’s vigil via this link: Tenth Salisbury Candle Light Ceasefire Vigil 10.2.24

This event is organised jointly by Salisbury CND, Salisbury Concern for Israel Palestine, Salisbury Amnesty International, together with other groups dedicated to a more peaceful world.

This link takes you to a letter in the Salisbury Journal 15.2.24 Letter in Salisbury Journal about Salisbury Ceasefire Vigils

We will be collecting signatures to lobby our MP, John Glen, to support the ceasefire bill that is being voted on in parliament next week.  If you come to the vigil, do add your signature, you can even do it here! https://chng.it/F8pp2BLLKS

Alternatively, if you can’t make it, use this link to achieve the same end.
Lobby your MP for the ceasefire vote in Parliament next week

There is a copy of the petition below, should you want to print it off and collect signatures amongst your friends.


A5 Flyers


Find out more – call Caroline on 01722 321865 or email us.