Beyond Nuclear International Weekly Digest April 5th

Posted: 6th April 2021

Beyond Nuclear International Weekly Digest
Eyewitness accounts; a historical record; an imagined narrative; and the lived experience. Read the personal stories from Chernobyl, then join an April 25 zoom broadcast with authors and activists. Too many birds are still killed by wind turbines, says the American Bird Conservancy, but enough progress is being made that wind energy projects should not be canceled, just improved.
Living with Chernobyl
35 years ago, Chernobyl Unit 4 exploded, releasing a deadly radioactive cloud. But what really happened after that? In a special April 25 event, our guests tell us that story four different ways. Click “Read More” to find an overview of their words and actions, which contributed to the tapestry of lived experiences. Then register to hear those stories live and engage with the speakers on April 25. READ MORE
Is wind energy for the birds?
While it is true that too many birds still die as a result of encounters with wind turbines, the wind industry, unlike the nuclear power industry, has worked to mitigate its risks. More still needs to be done, says the American Bird Conservancy, which supports wind energy, but renewables and birds can co-exist in a warming world. READ MORE
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