Hinkley C - Construction Worker 'rate-busting' Dispute

Posted: 6th April 2021

The battle against deskilling in construction saw protests for the first

time at the Hinkley Point nuclear site in Somerset last week. Wednesday
also saw protests in London, Glasgow, and the north west of England. Energy
giant EDF and its partners are building the Hinkley C plant in Somerset.
Firms there have created new grades to undercut industry terms and
conditions. The bosses’ MEH Alliance at Hinkley Point C is a consortium
made up of Altrad, Balfour Beatty Bailey, Cavendish Nuclear and Doosan
Babcock. It has called the new rate‑busting grades Electrical Support
Operatives (ESO). It withdrew the grade after protests—but has now
seemingly rebranded it as Hinkley Site Operative (HSO) grade. As much as 80
percent of the electrical work at the site looks likely to be moved to the
new grade.

Socialist Worker 5th April 2021


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