Transatlantic Disruption: Challenges and Opportunities

Posted: 4th June 2021

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Transatlantic Disruption: Challenges and Opportunities
New Report and Thought Pieces from Perry World House
Wall display of national flagsFor decades, the transatlantic alliance has been a community built on collective defense, mutual investment and trade, and shared values. But in recent years, its stability has been thrown into question by disruptive factorsIn 2021, this phenomenon—transatlantic disruption—seems only more severe. The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has claimed over a million lives in Europe and the United States. The January 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol stirred fears of democratic backsliding and even coups d’état in countries that pride themselves on their peaceful transfers of power. Questions about further aggression by the Russian government in Eastern Europe remain.

What can scholars and policy leaders on both sides of the Atlantic do about transatlantic disruption? Based on the discussions and analyses of a recent Perry World House workshop, our new report and thought pieces make several policy and research recommendations on the challenges and opportunities facing the transatlantic community.
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Anti-Nuclear Sentiment and Deterrence: Is Nuclear Deterrence Still Necessary – Do its Principles Still Work? by Kristin Ven BruusgardTexas National Security Review (forthcoming)

Denial of Deterrence by Tobias BundeTexas National Security Review(forthcoming)

The Cost of Uncertainty: European Strategic Autonomy and U.S.-E.U. Relations by Amy J. NelsonTexas National Security Review (forthcoming)

Reflections on NATO Deterrence in the 21st Century by Ambassador Alexander VershbowTexas National Security Review (forthcoming)
Climate and Energy in the Transatlantic Relationship by Jeff D. Colgan (forthcoming)

Tradeoffs in Addressing Energy Security Problems by Rosemary A. Kelanic

The Potential Impacts on the Geostrategic Environment of the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy by Bob Scher, Michael Denison, and Michael Cohen

Greening” Over the Transatlantic Divide – Domestic Constraints and the Possibility of Renewed Cooperation by Morena Skalamera
The E.U.-China Investment Deal and Transatlantic Investment Cooperation by Lauge N. Skovgaard Poulsen

Bipartisan Spoilers Targeting E.U. Investment Policy: Continuity from Trump to Biden by Rachel L. Wellhausen (forthcoming)

The Transatlantic Economy: It’s Time for a Renaissance by Valbona Zeneli
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