CND's Press Round-Up - 4th June 2021

Posted: 4th June 2021

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Nuclear Weapons

Speculation mounts on what the economic impacts of a renewed Iran nuclear deal might be.

Effects of an Iran Nuclear Deal

The CNBC business media network has a piece on the effects of any return of the U.S. to the JCPoA on oil prices and international energy markets. Speculation seems to be divided. Some in the industry think the deal will actually increase oil prices by providing greater market certainty, while others think fresh Iranian supply coming on-line would depress prices. The latter outcome could produce a negative feedback cycle, as brokers try to sell oil to avoid the falling value of the oil asset, pushing prices yet lower. The talks in Vienna are entering their sixth round next week.


Fighting intensifies in southern Afghanistan as Biden issues a new wave of restrictions on investment in Chinese companies.

War in Afghanistan

The Washington Post carries a report on the effects of the NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan, as fighting between the recognised government and the Taliban intensifies in the south of the country. The Afghan army is in the midst of a counter-offensive in Helmand, with mounting civilian casualties. The casualty rate is running at twice the rate it was prior to U.S. withdrawal from the province. Around 40% of civilian casualties are children.
China-U.S. Relations
President Biden has issued an Executive Order that prohibits U.S. investment in a range of Chinese companies linked to defence and technology, according to the Guardian. The deployment of Chinese surveillance technology outside of China and human rights violations are the stated grounds for the move. The ban list is now comprised of fifty-nine companies, including Huawei and the largest Chinese microchip manufacturer. The White House is briefing that this marks an expansion and an intensification of the Trump administration’s efforts in the same field. Chinese companies have challenged previous such designations in the American courts.  


Extinction Rebellion has warned it will protest disruptively ahead of the forthcoming G7 summit.

G7 Protests

The Independent reports that Extinction Rebellion has apologised in advance to Cornwall residents for the disruption that will be caused by protests around the G7 summit. The group said that ‘Over this weekend we’re planning a series of Covid-safe, nonviolent mass participation actions across mid-Cornwall; from Carbis Bay and St Ives to Falmouth and beyond’.

Nuclear Power

Bill Gates wants to build a new research nuclear power plant in a remote part of the U.S.

Nuclear Power – USA

Software plutocrat Bill Gates intends to build a ‘next-generation’ nuclear power plant on the site of a former coal fired power station in Wyoming, according to Al Jazeera. Gates claims the plant will safer, more efficient and cheaper than a standard nuclear one. The multi-billionaire told a press conference that ‘We think Natrium will be a game-changer for the energy industry’. The plans also received support from Biden’s Secretary of Energy, but critics point out it will generate further problems of waste disposal for Wyoming, which mines the most uranium in the U.S.

Climate Change

A British naval base could wipe out a rare whale species.

British Military Presence in the Middle East

A proposed British naval base in Oman threatens a rare species of whale with extinction, according to the Morning Star. The Duqm base, where the new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, will stop, is being tripled in size. Around one hundred Arabian humpback whales live in the surrounding sea. The full story by Phil Miller at Declassified UK can be found here.
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