CND's Press Round-Up - 9th June 2021

Posted: 9th June 2021

Press Round-Up – 9th June 2021

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Nuclear Weapons

CND General Secretary Kate Hudson discusses changing UK nuclear policy for Declassified UK.

UK Warhead Increase and Integrated Review

CND General Secretary Kate Hudson has a piece on investigative journalism website Declassified UK today. In it, Kate examines not only how and why the warhead increase is illegal under international law but also what policy effects the change in nuclear posture will have. As Kate writes,  ‘Britain’s decision to increase its nuclear arsenal clearly demonstrates why so many other countries have given up hope in the NPT process which has been rendered meaningless by the actions of states such as ours’.


The G7 will discuss a vaccination plan put forward by Joe Biden and the Guardian looks to hear from those protesting.

G7 Vaccination Plans

The Washington Post carries a report on proposals Joe Biden will present to the G7 at the weekend on a global vaccination strategy. Biden’s plan to waive temporarily patents for vaccines has come under heavy criticism from some EU leaders. Disparities in access to vaccines are colossal between different parts of the world; 2% of people in Africa have received one dose compared to more than 50% in the UK and US.
UK-U.S. Relations at the G7
Bloomberg features a piece on the areas where Joe Biden and Boris Johnson might agree and disagree this weekend in Cornwall. Johnson is expected to seek U.S. co-operation in making the COP26 Glasgow summit a success. However, the question of Northern Ireland is likely to be a source of contention.
Resist G7 Press Attention
The Guardian has a brief online note mentioning the Resist G7 coalition and asking for those protesting at the summit in Cornwall to share their experiences. Details can be found here.


A key piece of legislation designed to ramp up tensions with China has passed the U.S. Senate whilst Israel has launched airstrikes against targets in Syria.

China-U.S. Relations

A bill which provides an extra $50 billion in funding to increase semiconductor research and production has passed the U.S. Senate with strong support from both parties, the Guardian reports. Supporters of the bill have claimed the funding injection is necessary to assert U.S. dominance in the field and challenge China. The U.S. has gone from producing 37% of global semiconductor chips thirty years ago to 12% at present.The bill also contains a raft of other provisions seen as provocative to China like banning TikTok from being downloaded on government computer device and allowing Taiwanese officials to wear their uniforms while in the U.S.
Israeli Airstrikes in Syria
Eight people have been killed in airstrikes in Damascus, in what local media is claiming were Israeli attacks. Al Jazeera reports that the Israeli warplanes entered from Lebanese airspace and attacked a Syrian air force position and an arms depot allegedly belonging to Hezbollah. Since 2011, Israel is thought to have conducted several hundred airstrikes in the country.   The IDF refused to comment.

Nuclear Power

Iraq has said it wants to develop a civil nuclear programme.

Nuclear Power – Iraq
The Iraqi government has said it wants to construct eight nuclear reactors to meet its electricity needs, according to Al Jazeera. The government says it has already discussed the scheme with South Korean and Russian investors. The head of the Iraqi Radioactive Sources Regulatory Authority is quoted as saying that ‘We have several forecasts that show that without nuclear power by 2030, we will be in big trouble’. Continued blackouts have provoked anti-government protests.

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