CND's Press Round-Up - 15th July 2021

Posted: 16th July 2021

Please find today’s press round up below. Thank you to all for their continued help and support.

Nuclear Weapons

Negotiations in Vienna over the Iran nuclear deal are not expected to resume until August when the new president takes office.

Iran Nuclear Deal
Reuters reports that high-level Iranian sources are saying that negotiations in Vienna will not resume until new President Ebrahim Raisi takes office next month. Iran has apparently communicated this to European diplomats, who will have in turn passed it on to the U.S. Raisi formally enters office on August 5th. The U.S. State Department said that ‘We were prepared to continue negotiating but the Iranians requested more time to deal with their presidential transition’.
Meanwhile, a Congressional delegation visiting Israel and meeting the new government there was told by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett that the country continues to oppose U.S. re-entry into the JCPoA, the New York Post reports.The delegation from the House Foreign Affairs Committee also visited Qatar during its five-day trip.

The UK has been exporting far more weapons and military equipment to Saudi Arabia than previously thought, while the Royal Navy tests a new missile system.

UK Arms Trade 

The Independent reports that the UK has exported three many times as previously thought of arms to Saudi Arabia in its continued brutal war in Yemen. Official figures show that Britain has sold £6.7 billion in arms that can be used in Yemen to Saudi Arabia since 2015. Further research, however, has revealed that the real figure is likely around £20 billion, since exports conducted under the opaque ‘open license’ system were not included. Between 2014 and 2019, BAE Systems operated an open license for Saudi Arabia for bombs and surface-to-air missiles. The Government has not contested the findings.
UK Military Technology
The Royal Navy has released video footage of a test fire of the Sea Ceptor missile system, according to Newsweek magazine. The UK plans to put the system on six destroyers. The system is produced and installed by three companies, Airbus, BAE Systems and Leonardo, and will cost the taxpayer around £500 million. The system is designed to stop medium-range air and missile attacks and destroy fast-moving boats. The Sea Ceptor’s missile fly at three times the speed of sound.

Nuclear Power

Japan is considering extending the life of its current nuclear reactors again.

Nuclear Power – Japan 

Kyodo News reports that the Japanese government is considering extending the life-span of its existing nuclear reactors beyond their current 60 year limit. The move is designed to avoid the large-scale opposition that would come with the construction of new nuclear reactors, but it is likely to generate protest of its own. The standard limit in law in Japan at the moment is 40 years but in practice this can be extended provided the plant operator implements safety upgrades and passes additional regulatory checks. Japan currently has 33 nuclear reactors able to be operated, with a further three under construction. Under present regulations, only 20 reactors will be in operation by the 2050s.

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