Sizewell, Local Council By-election

Posted: 17th July 2021

Council success for Green Party won’t give Tories sleepless nights! I

don’t normally get over-excited by a council by-election, but last week’s
double election in the Aldeburgh and Leiston ward was one of the most
interesting we have seen for many years. And the result was eye-opening,
especially in the context of it being home to the existing nuclear power
stations and the proposed Sizewell C that may join them in the future. Two
of the three seats in this ward were up for grabs. Going into the election
all three were held by the Conservatives. The background is that despite
all the controversy that built up before the construction of Sizewell B in
the late 1980s, the Leiston area itself has been pretty strongly
pro-nuclear. The local people appreciated the jobs the power stations
brought and the money their employees brought to the local economy. They
weren’t seen as blots on the landscape, indeed the Sizewell B dome is now a
well-known local landmark. People who have been supportive of Sizewell A
and B are now firmly opposed to Sizewell C. This is largely because of the
threat it poses to the local environment. However, I don’t really think the
victory of a Green Party candidate (and with his fellow party member
falling just two votes short) will have local MP and cabinet minister Dr
Therese Coffey quaking in her boots. From what I understand, there was a
great deal of cross-voting in this two-seat election. Many voters didn’t go
along traditional party lines and voted for candidates from different
groups. Also the Sizewell issue prompted many voters who would not
subscribe to the Greens’ national politics to lend them their vote for this
council election. Come the next general election and they will return

 East Anglian Daily Times 15th July 2021

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