Macron dithers on nuclear power investment as issue divides France

Posted: 19th July 2021


Even in France, nuclear is a divisive technology as an election looms. It could be that post Covid, European economies just can’t afford the huge costs, delays, waste of new nuclear.


“Macron dithers on nuclear power investment as issue divides France. Emmanuel Macron has been a vocal supporter of nuclear power, insisting in December that the carbon emission-free energy was key to France’s green transition. But less than a year before presidential elections, the French leader is leaving the multibillion question of adding new reactors undecided as the issue becomes increasingly divisive. But an estimated €49bn by 2025 has been earmarked to extend their working lives and Macron has yet to commit to any new reactor, beside the one that state-owned company EDF is building in Flamanville, in the north-west.”


FT 19th July 2021


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