Nukes & Sewer Surcharge

Posted: 19th July 2021

Green energy suppliers are protesting at the prospect of having to add a

surcharge to household bills to pay for new nuclear plants in Britain when
their customers purposely choose not to support the divisive technology. UK
ministers are aiming to introduce legislation in the autumn that would
allow for a large nuclear power plant proposed for Sizewell on England’s
east coast to be financed via a “regulated asset base” model. The
scheme would see households help fund the construction of the £20bn plant
via a surcharge on their energy bills, regardless of their supplier.
Households already pay for a number of policy costs via their energy bills,
such as subsidies for wind and solar schemes, yet a nuclear surcharge would
prove particularly difficult to stomach for companies that offer their
customers “100 per cent renewable energy” deals, which do not include
nuclear power.

 FT 18th July 2021

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