Arnie Gundersen reflects on the 6th anniversary of the Fukushima disaster

Posted: 16th March 2017

Arnie Gundersen, who is himself a nuclear engineer, writes following his recent visit to Japan.

and below is a link to two recent interviews that he gave.  He has so many interesting and important things to say.  He questions the strategy of trying to dismantle the plant, favouring an approach that concentrates on preventing ingress of ground water and then sealing the plant inside a sarcophagus and leaving it alone for hundreds of years.  He argues that the current strategy is driven by a political need to demonstrate that everything is under control, so that other nuclear plants can be brought on line.  He talks of the risks of building collapse releasing high levels of radiation and the consequences of such a release for Alaska and the West coast of the US.  He draws attention to the fact that the authorities are not even testing for the presence of Strontium, a radioactive element that is drawn to the bones.  He explains how children are some 10x more radio-sensitive than adults, due to the rapid rate of cell growth in younger people.  He states that medical data is deliberately being distorted in Japan to conceal the true scale of the consequences of the disaster.

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