CND's Press Round-Up - 20th July 2021

Posted: 20th July 2021

Please find today’s press round up below. Thank you to all for their continued help and support.

Nuclear Weapons

U.S. Nuclear Weapons in Europe
The leftwing U.S. website CounterPunch carries a report on a protest by activists from three countries at the Büchel U.S. Air Force Base in Germany, where some of the last hydrogen bombs in Europe are stored. 20 USAF nuclear gravity bombs are stored at the site, the last remnants of what was once an estimated 7,000 U.S. nuclear weapons on West German soil. The groups protesting the base are members of a wider coalition called ‘Büchel is Everywhere: Nuclear Weapons-Free Now!’, the aims of which include German ratification of the TPNW.
U.S. Nuclear Submarine in Scotland
A U.S. Virginia-class nuclear submarine has visited the Faslane base, according to the UK Defence Journal. The duration or purpose of the visit is not known, aside from a U.S. Navy spokesperson saying that it was to ‘demonstrate US capability, flexibility, and continuing commitment to NATO allies’. Local people were able to take photographs of the vessel.


War in Afghanistan

France24 reports on a statement from the leadership of the Taliban, which makes suggestive noises about a political solution to the continued fighting between the Taliban and the Afghan government. The Taliban’s supreme leader  Hibatullah Akhundzada said that he ‘strenuously favours’ a negotiated settlement to the conflict. Akhundzada’s message is timed to come before Eid. However, as fighting continues, it is far from clear that the Taliban would be able to exercise any central authority over its component forces. Some talks between the two sides do continue in Qatar.

China – U.S. Tensions 
In a major diplomatic initiative on its part, the U.S. and a large number of allies have accused China of being responsible for serious cyber-espionage, according to Reuters. The UK joined our U.S. allies including the EU and Japan in criticising China. Chinese officials have angrily denied the claims. In spite of this step, hawkish politicians in the U.S. have criticised the Biden administration for condemning Chinese cyber-activity without adopting any punitive strategy to stop it. Four Chinese citizens were also charged in the U.S. for allegedly spying on companies, universities and government agencies.  

Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power – U.S. 

The nuclear lobby has reacted positively to the introduction of an American Nuclear Infrastructure Act by five Senators from both parties, World Nuclear News reports. The bill would provide more government subsidy for the nuclear industry, in particular the development and production of advanced reactors, and would make foreign direct investment in the U.S. nuclear industry easier.

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