Catch up on Webinar "So the TPNW is in force: What Next?"

Posted: 23rd July 2021

Bruce Kent and John Gittings joined speakers from the Appalachian Peace Education Centre in Eastern USA and Salisbury CND, in this co-operative exploration of the next steps now that the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons is in force. 

This is a chance to catch up on a webinar run by Abingdon Peace Group, if you didn’t manage to see it first time around.  Salisbury CND were invited to contribute and you can see our contribution between 30:36 and 37:50 on the timeline.  Do watch the whole webinar if you can, but also do check out our contribution, if time is limited. I would like to know if you are happy with the contribution I made in the name of Salisbury CND!

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