Sparks walk out at nuclear site over suspected blacklisting and union-busting

Posted: 22nd September 2021

More than 200 NG Bailey workers yesterday walked off site at AWE Burghfield over suspected blacklisting and union-busting.

The Site Worker blog reports the row started on Friday afternoon, when a number of electricians and fitters – all of whom were union members, one of whom is an elected H&S rep – were selected for transfer without notice. They were told by their employer that it was AWE who had requested their removal.
Anger grew over the weekend, with workers demanding answers yesterday. They were told it was Costain, not AWE, which had made the decision. Costain, along with NG Baileys, had previously subscribed to the Consulting Association blacklist.
The workers walked off site in the afternoon, requesting proof from their employer that Costain had in fact chosen the employees to be removed from the project, whilst still starting new workers on the project.

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