The Kvanefjeld Mining Project And Other Uranium Projects Should Be Stopped As Quickly As Possible

Posted: 28th September 2021





Copenhagen and Aarhus, September 28th, 2021




 On October 5th, the Greenlandic Parliament, Inatsisartut, will for the first time take a position on the new government’s proposal to reinstate the so-called uranium ban. The bill is expected to be passed on November 2nd. NOAH Friends of the Earth Denmark and RenewableEnergy have submitted position papers on the [1] bill on the uranium ban and the [2] EIA report for the Kvanefjeld mining project to the Greenlandic authorities.


“The new government should be commended for so quickly fulfilling its election promises to reintroduce the uranium ban and shut down the uranium mining project at Kvanefjeld,” says Palle Bendsen from NOAH’s Uranium Group. “If the bill on uranium mining is passed, the project cannot continue. However, we would like to see the limit for how much uranium the ore in the mining projects is allowed to contain be lowered to protect public health and the environment”.


“We recommend that the authorities work to expand the Kujataa UNESCO World Heritage Site to include the Narsaq Peninsula in order for Kvanefjeld to obtain World Heritage status,” says Hans Pedersen from RenewableEnergy. “There has long been a presumption that the Kujataa World Heritage Site has been given its current boundaries to accommodate the Kvanefjeld mining project, but that the negative consequences of the project and other mining projects around Kujataa have not been taken into consideration.”


Link to consultation portal for the draft bill on the uranium ban


Link to consultation portal for the Kvanefjeld mining project




[1] Position paper on the draft bill on the uranium ban (co-author is also Grup de Cientifics i Tècnics per un Futur No Nuclear / Group of Scientista and Engineers for a Non-Nuclear Future).

[2] Position paper on the Kvanefjeld mining project.



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