Hiroshima Day Candle Float Pictures

Posted: 7th August 2017

On a beautiful still night, Salisbury CND organised their special annual event to commemorate those who died at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, together with all  others who have suffered as a result of nuclear weapons, their production or testing.  This year’s event had an additional significance as 2017 saw the United Nations drawing up a new treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons.  This becomes available for nations to sign in September of this year.
Some photos from this years event are available below.
Thanks to all who helped make this year’s event such a success.

Here’s a video clip of the start of the float, with the first paper lantern emerging from the bridge.
Paper Cranes made by students from Hiroshima accompany the lead lantern, followed by the candles themselves.


Photos from the 2017 Candle Float

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