Bill Gates—Nuclear Shakedown of Taxpayers via SMR Natrium

Posted: 18th November 2021

The companies that own existing atomic reactors are enormous, with well-funded legions of lobbyists constantly twisting regulators’ arms for higher electric rates and more handouts. During most of the Fairewinds’ Meltdown and Shakedown series, we will examine ongoing shakedowns that focus on existing nuclear power plants, whether they are under construction, currently operating, or under decommissioning. In addition, we will look at atomic reactor executives and the politicians they lobbied who are facing jail time because they did not tell the truth or engage in illegal lobbying practices, like the Ohio Legislature bribery scandal.  

Today, we want to focus on nuclear power and Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world. Mr. Gates has put his wealth and business efforts into expanding atomic energy with the new experimental technology of SMRs (Small Modular Reactors). He is working tirelessly to convince Federal and State governments to subsidize his “brainchild,” Small Modular Reactors. We believe this is a foolish idea, especially in the midst of our worldwide climate emergency. Building any new nukes takes exorbitant amounts of money that will slow down the successful expansion of jobs created by sustainable and renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and wave action. See our 2-minute animation Smokescreen to see why nukes are not the answer to the global climate emergency.

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