Declassified UK

Posted: 23rd November 2021

Declassified UK
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After a BBC cameraman was murdered by Afghan fundamentalists, the UK government maintained contacts with the group’s leader. This ‘venomously anti-British’ militant was met by the UK’s foreign secretary and soon became known as the ‘Butcher of Kabul’.

The UK played a covert role in the landmark US-backed coup in Brazil that ushered in a brutal 21-year military dictatorship, newly released files show.

Britain in 1970 secretly trained Colombian military intelligence, a repressive force set up to eliminate subversives, declassified files show. The Foreign Office’s propaganda arm hoped to equip the Colombian military with a similar information warfare unit.

Sir Alan Duncan spoke off-the-record to the head of Vitol, the world’s largest petroleum trader, to “gather information on” Venezuelan oil as he was devising British policy to remove the country’s government

In an unprecedented and controversial move, the Northern Ireland police chief wants to censor a watchdog’s report into a mass murder before it is even published.

A teenager maimed by explosives at a British army training ground in Kenya plans to take the military to court. It comes amid mounting anger at the former colonial power for keeping troops in the country where a soldier allegedly murdered a local woman.

Stop the War Coalition are joining forces with Declassified UK to present a special Q&A session responding to Matt Kennard & Phil Miller’s recent documentary Warton’s War on Yemen. The film investigates an arms factory in Warton, Lancashire making warplanes to bomb Yemen – the world’s worst humanitarian disaster.

We hope this Q&A will shine further light on the tragedy taking place in Yemen and the role the British government is playing supporting the destruction there.

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