Stop the War newsletter 29/04/22

Posted: 30th April 2022

Stop the War Coalition

Newsletter – 29/04/22


Stop the War in Ukraine!

“It is scarcely hyperbole to say that the world is closer to a great power war – even a nuclear one – than it has been for sixty years.

Already, in just two months, the conflict initiated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine has escalated from a localised act of aggression into a full-blown proxy war between NATO and Russia.

Arms are pouring into Ukraine, and the bellicose rhetoric has inflated to match. President Biden has urged “regime change” in Russia. His Defence Secretary has stated that the US war aim is to “weaken Russia” for years to come.”

These are the words of one of Stop the War founder members, Andrew Murray, in his latest column for our website. He ends the piece with the words: the time to mobilise is now.

That’s exactly what we’re doing but at a critical moment like this we can’t have too much activity and we want to cover every corner of the UK in anti-war activity next Saturday.

Check out the events already announced for the International Day of Action for Peace in Ukraine below and if you have an event you’d like us to add to the list please email: [email protected] now.


International Day of Action for Peace – 7 May

We’ve got loads of events coming up over the next few weeks to mobilise for peace in Ukraine. Next Saturday’s Day of Action includes a Scottish National Demonstration in Glasgow as well as protests in Newcastle and Southampton alongside stalls and activity around the country.

Make sure you join your local event or meeting and do all you can to challenge the British government’s aggressive posturing and build an international movement against war.


This Week’s Anti-War Briefing

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