Sizewell C

Posted: 4th May 2022

BEIS Invitation to Interested Parties

On 25th April, the Secretary of State published an invitation to all interested parties involved with the Sizewell C DCO application, to respond to the replies that have been submitted over the last few weeks in response to BEIS’s request for more information from various parties, including EDF and its Chinese partner, CGN. This information covers such issues as the potential use of a desalination plant for the 60 year period of operation, the lack of a final design for the sea defences, the lack of flood risk assessments covering the full lifetime of Sizewell C. 

TASC would like as many as possible to register their outstanding concerns directly with the Secretary of State so over the next week we will be reviewing the data with the aim of issuing guidance on how to respond by the 23rd May deadline. The Secretary of State is currently scheduled to issue his decision by 25th May so, tactically, TASC feel it could be beneficial if your response is made as close as possible to the 23 May deadline. We will be in contact again soon.

May 15th Protest March

Please help us get as many people as possible to the event on the 15th May. Let as many people as you can about this event, share on social media etc.



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