Macron warned of horror ‘nuclear accident’ as CRACKS appear in EDF’s reactors

Posted: 20th June 2022

Macron warned of horror ‘nuclear accident’ as CRACKS appear in EDF’s reactors. President

Emmanuel Macron has been sent a horrifying warning as cracks have been detected
in some of EDFs nuclear reactors in France. A new report has warned Mr Macron
of significant corrosion safety problems in EDF nuclear power plants in France
as cracks detected in some nuclear reactors could risk causing “nuclear
accidents”. The cracks were first detected in an emergency cooling circuit
of reactor no. 1 of the Civaux power plant in October. The report also warned
that the upcoming Hinkley Point reactor in the UK could face a similar
situation. Similar cracks have been discovered in three other 1500 MW reactors
and of the Penly 1 reactor (1300 MW) , prompting them to be shut down as well. The
report notes that several reactors have faced “stress corrosion”
which is often characterised by “cracking of a material… the stresses
are linked to manufacturing operations and in particular to welding
operations”. Dr Bernard Laponche, the co-author of this study warned that
the risk from stress corrosion is serious writing: “If the defects
detected on the welds evolve, they can cause a breach in the main reactor
cooling system. “It would also be necessary to examine the possibility
that the EPR reactors at Flamanville, Olkiluoto and Taïshan, as well as those
under construction at Hinkley Point, might themselves be concerned, insofar as
they were designed on the basis of the 1500 MW N4 model.”


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June 2022

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