ICAN news on the Meeting of States Parties to the TPNW

Posted: 21st June 2022

Dear Scottish Cnd— 

We are thrilled to announce three new states parties to the TPNWCabo Verde, Grenada, and Timor-Leste. That brings the total number of state parties to 65. These additional ratifications arrive as countries gather for the historic first Meeting of States Parties to the TPNW, demonstrating leadership towards the elimination of nuclear weapons.

In addition, Australia, Belgium, and the Netherlands have announced that they will participate in tomorrow’s meeting as observers.

Over the weekend, 600 activists, academics, campaigners, politicians, policy makers, and more joined the Nuclear Ban Forum in person, and even more than that joined to watch and participate remotely. The opportunity to get together, and to listen, learn, and plan the blueprint for disarmament was an inspirational kickoff to Nuclear Ban Week.

Today, the Austrian government hosted a conference about the new risks and research about the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons. Hearing from experts, academics, and Nobel Laureates, the chair’s summary made it clear: there is no cure, there is only prevention.

Tomorrow, the first Meeting of States Parties to the Ban Treaty begins. We’re expecting that governments participating in this meeting will seize the opportunity to respond to the recent threats of use of nuclear weapons, and the increased risk of nuclear conflict.

We’re at the halfway point of Nuclear Ban Week, and we’ve got a lot to celebrate already.

Stay tuned with twice-daily updates at MSP-TV, and let’s see what else this week will bring!

Best wishes, 
Seth Shelden

United Nations Liaison


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