Launch of the Hiroshima-ICAN Academy

Posted: 2nd August 2019

ICAN and Hiroshima Prefecture are proud to announce the launch of the Hiroshima-ICAN Academy. On July 31st,14 students and young professionals from all over the world began an intensive 8-day program in Hiroshima designed to teach them everything they need to know to become the next generation of advocates for an end to nuclear weapons.

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Of course, the timing of the Academy is no coincidence: August 6th marks the 74th anniversary of the first ever nuclear attack, the bombing of Hiroshima. The Hiroshima-ICAN Academy participants and lecturers, as well as representatives of ICAN and Japanese partner organisation Peace Boat will be attending the Memorial Ceremony to mark the date. Throughout the Academy, they will engage with Hibakusha, survivors of the use of nuclear weapons, as well as their Japanese peers, and learn more about the human cost of nuclear weapons.

We’d like to help inspire and empower everyone to fight for a world without nuclear weapons, and if we could, we’d bring everyone along for such an eye-opening experience. But getting this academy off the ground would truly have been impossible without the generous support of the Hiroshima Prefecture and the support of Peace Boat. So for now, we hope these resources – accessible from the comfort of your home – will help:

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Learn more: 7 things you should know about the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki → 
Get involved: Check out ICAN’s campaigner guide to signature and ratification of the Nuclear Ban TreatyHelp support ICAN’s work →

Thank you for all that you do!

Daniel Högsta and Lucero Oyarzun
Campaign Coordinator and Digital Campaign Coordinator
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN

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