Universities involved with Nuclear weapons

Posted: 13th November 2019

From International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

Universities are meant to teach students how to make the world better, not how to destroy it. But in our new report “Schools of Mass Destruction: American Universities in the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Complex,” we’re exposing nearly 50 U.S. universities that take billions of dollars in research funding to support U.S. nuclear weapons development.

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The universities in this report are complicit in the new nuclear arms race. They provide the scientific, technical and human capital needed to build U.S. nuclear weapons. And they do so largely in secret: many staff and students of these universities are unaware of their institution’s involvement.

That’s why we’re releasing this report today. Students, staff and alumni of these universities must demand that their schools live up to their mission statements to improve the world, instead of working on the creation and maintenance of weapons designed to wipe out entire cities in a heartbeat, leaving lasting catastrophic humanitarian and environmental consequences.

We’re calling on all these universities to follow our recommendations to end their involvement with the U.S. nuclear weapons complex. Will you help us hold them accountable?

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Alicia Sanders-Zakre

Policy & Research Coordinator
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

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