Check out candidates views on nuclear weapons

Posted: 21st November 2019

It’s very clear what Lib Leader Jo Swinson thinks about nuclear weapons

Two weeks ago Swinson said politicians unwilling to use nuclear weapons were a threat to national security and last night, on the ITV leaders’ debates, she confirmed for the second time she’s ready to press the nuclear button.

But what do the other candidates think about nuclear weapons?

All the candidates standing for a seat in the Westminster Parliament have now been declared. CND is lobbying each one to find out their views on nuclear weapons and disarmament.

This is a fantastic opportunity to keep Trident and nuclear abolition on the agenda. It lets candidates know this issue is important to the electorate and can influence how people vote.

Lobbying every candidate is a huge task, so we need your help

  • Use our updated 2-minute lobby tool to email the candidates in your constituency about their views on Trident and nuclear disarmament
  • If candidates reply, please forward their responses to [email protected]. We will publish the information on our #VoteOutNukes database. This will help the public identify candidates who support peace and disarmament.
Please donate to support our election campaign
  • Please help us make a difference during the general election by making a donation to support our #VoteOutNukes campaign

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