Urgent action needed on US-UK Mutual Defence Agreement - It's vital for opposing Trident replacement.

Posted: 5th November 2014

Trident and the US-UK Mutual Defence Agreement Replacing Trident depends on the UK renewing a secretive nuclear sharing treaty with the US – the US-UK Mutual Defence Agreement (MDA). It’s happening this year but the Government won’t offer a debate or vote to MPs. David Cameron secretly agreed to renew it back in July and it will be deemed ratified on 20th November. However, a number of backbench MPs have forced a discussion in Parliament and are demanding the treaty is not ratified. Challenging the treaty is vital to opposing Trident replacement – which will be decided after the election. Send one email now to ask your MP to Sign the motion opposing ratification Attend the debate taking place this week Just go to National CND’s website, type in your postcode and send your email now!

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