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Posted: 28th March 2020

Newsletter – 27/03/20


Watch Back: Opposing War & Sanctions in the Time of Coronavirus

This week the UN Secretary-General António Guterres called for a global ceasefire by highlighting the fact that “the fury of the virus illustrates the folly of war”. We say bring it on!

On Wednesday evening we hosted a lively online discussion with Lindsey German and Medea Benjamin from Code Pink in the US. A huge range of issues were covered as the current crisis presents so many dangers and there couldn’t be two more experienced campaigners to talk us through them. Make sure you tune in below.


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Lobby Your MP: Lift Sanctions on Iran Immediately!

Almost 2500 of you have used our lobby tool to write to your MP to force the British government to put public pressure on Trump’s administration to end inhumane sanctions at this desperate time. It’s having an effect. Already MP’s have been writing to the Foreign Secretary to demand he takes action.

If you haven’t already written to your MP, please do so right away as the sanctions continue to have a devastating effect on the health of Iranians during this crisis. If you have please keep sharing and encouraging others to do so. 

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Stop the War’s Weekly Briefing

Gaza: Facing Another Form of Lockdown

by Maddelena Dunscombe

Over the coming months we must not allow our own difficulties to prevent us campaigning against what is happening in Gaza

After Five Years of Siege & War, Yemen Faces COVID-19

by Stephen Bell

The Red Cross reports more than 80% of Yemen’s 29 million residents are in need of some form of humanitarian assistance


The Coronavirus Crisis Is Raising Serious Questions About ‘Security’

by Terina Hine

While lagging behind in the European league table of critical care beds the UK is second place in the military spending league


UK Could Double Supply of Ventilators With Cash Spent on Foreign Bases

by Phil Miller

The UK is spending £141 million on foreign military bases while under-investing in healthcare at home, figures obtained by Declassified UK reveal


How Endless Wars Are Exacerbating the Coronavirus Crisis

by Chris Nineham

It is a matter of urgency that all Western sanctions are lifted, hostilities cease and Operation Defender is completely scrapped


A Short History of Western Intervention in Iran

As you may find you have more time for reading we’d like to draw your attention to the new briefing on Iran for supporters, activists and anyone interested in the topic. The long, complex history of US and UK intervention in Iran goes back more than a century and this briefing will help to contextualise the current crisis.

Get your copy for just £3 or 10 copies for £25. 


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