Sign a petition against Sizewell C new nuclear development

Posted: 18th May 2020

Here is a request passed on by the Oxford CND group from those campaigning to stop Sizewell C.  They ask if we could sign the 38degrees petition.

Hello Oxford cnd group,

I am writing from Hasketon in Suffolk. We are campaigning full tilt to stop Sizewell C.60 leading businesses and Suffolk people (including CEO of Adnams ,Bill Turnbill well known beekeeper etcl) have sent letter to The Times opposing, 56 councils have asked for a delay in planning applic. until after Covid-19 to allow full community engagement. 1000 birders formed a heart at Minsmere last Autumn overlooking the proposed site in opposition etc . There are thousands of us opposed and who want to have a renewable energy future.Please join our campaign and sign the 38 degrees petition below. This is a national and world issue, as we know fallout can travel anywhere on wind and rain. See contaminated sheep over 20 years after Chernobyl ,in Cumbria and Wales, from eating contaminated grass from Chernobyl fallout.

The 38 degrees petition is 82 off 2000 when it goes to the Sec. of State for Energy  STOP SIZEWELL C HUGE NEW NUCLEAR DEVELOPMENT IN SUFFOLK A.O.N.B. .I wondered if you might circulate the link with your members also.


Much appreciate if poss.

Best wishes,
Clare Rizzo



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