Stop the War coalition newsletter 9.2.24

Posted: 9th February 2024

Stop the War Coalition

Newsletter – 09/02/24

 Stop the Genocide in Gaza – National Demonstration – 17 Feb

Half of Gaza’s population is living in Rafah – once an Israeli designated safe zone – including over 600,000 children, many without parents or family. It is the most overcrowded city in the world. The population is struggling against starvation and disease, desperately trying to stay alive.

Women and children fled to Rafah seeking refuge and now they are under attack. The civilian infrastructure is being destroyed as Israel prepares for a ground invasion. The refugees have nowhere to turn.

This attack on the last ‘safe haven’ in Gaza comes after Netanyahu rejected outright the ceasefire proposals put forward last week. Bent on the destruction of Gaza and its people, Netanyahu is ignoring warnings from the US against attacking Rafah. An attack that can only result in a massacre of the civilian population.

We cannot stand by while this genocide is taking place before our eyes. This is why we must once again get onto the streets. We are asking all our supporters to join us on 17th February in central London and take part in a Global Day of Action, demanding an immediate ceasefire.


On 17th February millions will take to the streets across the world. We know London is as an important focal point for the international Palestine movement, so we must fill the capital’s streets in our hundreds of thousands to demand a ceasefire and an end to our government’s support for the murderous Netanyahu regime.


Please also join the many actions taking place around the UK this weekend in solidarity with Palestine…


Workplace Solidarity is Growing – A Successful Day of Action

Our #StandWithGaza Workplace Day of Action for Palestine on Wednesday saw an unprecedented level of activity across the country with walkouts, protests, meetings, workshops, cake sales and more showing solidarity with the Palestinian people. Thousands of people joined actions in hundreds of workplaces as the push to take the struggle for freedom and justice for Palestine into the workplace witnessed a substantial escalation.

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